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My Project Ghost announce details for debut EP along with new video

My Project Ghost 2014

Last summer, a musical project featuring members of Bastions, Red Seas Fire and Zoax raised its head. Jamie Burne, Jake Fogarty and Morgan Sinclair – vocalist, drummer and guitarist from each of those bands, respectively – looked to be crafting something violent and choleric with My Project Ghost, and released a track called “Wrap Around Porch“. It was good.

The news came on New Year’s Eve that they had finished tracking their debut EP, and today the trio have unveiled a video they shot for the track “Cherish” late last year. Here it is:

It’s a frantic, sketchy slant on melodic hardcore, à la La Dispute, Defeater and and Refused, but tinged with more traditional hardcore; especially in Jake’s drumming, which rides the cymbals a lot at times. Morgan’s guitar lines dance all over the place, tangoing around the fretboard or utilising discordant chords but all at a fairly constant tempo, giving it a waltzy sort of feel.

I really like the visual aesthetic of the video too. Filmed through mirrors, the camera almost never focuses and everything it back to front. Split kaleidoscopic sections add to the feeling that you’re in a sort of dream; it’s a bit Alice In Wonderlandish.

Whilst details of the EP are scant, it’s to be called A Strange Study On Honesty, and is promised “soon”. Sooner rather than later, we hope! Various people like Adam Getgood (of Periphery, and Jake’s former RSF bandmate) and Derya Nagle (of The Safety Fire) have had a hand in production, which certainly bodes well for the continued quality of the audio, but props have to go to the guys for another solid track.

In the meantime, Bastions recently completed a UK tour, whilst both Zoax and Red Seas Fire are putting out new EPs in the next month or so, so keep an eye out for those too!