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Young British tech-quintet Chronographs revealed a bit of nipple from their forthcoming EP Nausea last night with a new track called “Inanis“.

I mentioned these guys a few weeks back when they announced they now had label backing, and how proud I am that a band from my hometown are receiving recognition for their work, years after the last band to do so, Pushmeunder, released their hardcore/post-rock megalith The Day Lacks Colour, The Night lacks Promise through Midmarch Records (Oxbow), ooh, about a decade ago maybe?

Readers of the UK’s Metal Hammer magazine will have heard this new ‘graphs song last month when it featured on their cover CD, but it’s now available for those of you who shun print media/live abroad in them forrin countrees to stream via YouTube (sithee below). I’m digging this one pretty hard; their songwriting skill has increased exponentially over the years, and there’s some super catchy riffs and some great vocal work by Jon Sinfield going on here. Check it out!

Nausea will be released via Ghost Music on 7th January 2013