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Young UK tech-metal outfit Chronographs have been teasing their followers for quite some time now with snippets of songs here, a new live song there, and although we’ve suspected a contract was in the works, it was made official recently that the band have signed to Ghost Music, the label from the founders of Leeds’ own Ghostfest, which has been selling out its venues for a few years now.

As this new promo shot and playthrough video show, the band have got that dapper British gentleman look down to a tee – perhaps shy of a pipe or monocle or two, but nevertheless, it reflects the technical smarts they’ve got in abundance. A touch of pride comes in that they’re from my hometown in the Midlands, so it’s great to see one of our plethora of great bands making strides and doing what they love.

The video is for the track “Resolve“, which will feature on their first label release, and EP called Nausea, and will be available from January 7th 2013 through iTunes and all that jazz.