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Circa Survive Minus The Bear - Waves Overhead tour 2013

Although not strictly speaking anything to do with the heavier musical genres (aside from a membership link to nineties mathcore band Botch), we’re inclined to write about whatever we feel, and being two of my absolute favourite non-metal bands, it brings me both great pleasure and sadness to confirm the recently rumoured U.S. tour from Circa Survive and Minus The Bear - pleasure because it’s surely going to be awesome, and sadness because it probably won’t come to Europe. Dang.

Funnily enough, both put out records last year on exactly the same day – August 28th to be exact. Circa Survive’s Violent Waves was a bit more of a grower than a shower compared to 2010′s exemplary Blue Sky Noise, but it has revealed itself over the months to be a fine record, and audiences should look forward to. To my chagrin, before writing this article I wasn’t even aware Minus The Bear had put one out at all, and so I’ll be off to commit seppuku once I’m done here.

It was called Infinity Overhead, and it it’s anything like the previous few albums – OMNI in particular – it will have been a fairly upbeat record with the trademark sound of the band; all off-kilter time alt-rock signatures and guitar tapping. Here is where the influence of Botch’s Dave Knudson comes in, who was always fond of such things.

Dates for the trek – called the ‘Waves Overhead’ tour (named for obvious reasons), will appear in the events calendar shortly.

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