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Circle Takes The Square - DecompositionsVolume I

Savannah-based screamo quartet Circle Takes The Square have been so very quiet for the best part of a decade, and it’s a damn shame. Featuring a unique dual, male/female vocal approach, they were most active around the early 2000s, and were at the forefront of a scene that included such luminaries as City Of Caterpillar, Pg.99, Majority Rule and Orchid. They’ve not put out a new record since 2004′s seminal As The Roots Undo, and since have since only raised their heads with a collaboration with 65daysofstatic in 2007. As such, an entire generation have passed without them being in the underground conscious, and so many may have missed out on them.

Luckily, all that is changing.

The past couple of years have seen touring from the band, and that’s certainly something. Earlier this year they toured with fellow Georgians Kylesa, and also played a number of late 2011 shows with a variety of excellent bands, including the likes of ThouTouché AmoréPianos Become the Teeth and City of Ships, as well as playing a one-off show with Pg.99 in August last year.

It may have slipped your notice, but a record of four new songs was available at these songs. 350 copies were produced in 2011, and a further 500 for the Kylesa your. Beyond that, not much fanfare was made – at least that reached my notice – but it pleases me greatly that said record, entitled Decompositions: Volume I. Chapter 1. Rites of Initiation, was officially released online today in conjunction with their own Gatepost Recordings label.

Initially it was available at a name-your-own-price rate, but those have already gone – but nevertheless, the record is available to hear via Bandcamp, their release method of choice.

In their own individual way, as the band have always done the band said the following of the record and its creation:

Rites of Initiation documents the ill-lit, inward-leading, forever-winding pathways that eventually take hold, on a search for the authentic in an increasingly artificial world. When the boundaries between thinking and knowing, dreaming and waking, living and dying all begin to blur, a terrifyingly primal vision begins to bleed through the fragile veil of consensus perception. To surrender to it, embracing the other side is our “rite of passage”. We’ve crafted these songs in an attempt to sing that transition into being.

I don’t like to quote directly too often, but the poetry of that needed to be expressed as was.

Make sure you give this one proper time, as it’s about time bands of this calibre and passion started showing today’s generation how it’s done.

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