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Pick up this beautiful record from Minneapolis’ Earthrise

Earthrise  - Eras lost vinyl

“There are no limits to the imagination. And man’s ability to make reality out of his visions is his greatest strength. Through this skill he has been able to conquer time and space.”

- Journey To The Seventh Planet

The less brain-addled among you may recall a piece we published last year about Earthrise. A Minnesotan post-metal band, they last released music a couple of years ago with the dense, sludgy Eras Lost – a proper beard-stroker of prog and power.

Although the band are currently deep into new material with new vocalist Chester Yo, they had always planned to try and put this record out on vinyl, and recently managed just such a feat – and are giving you the chance to win a copy! Have a look at a few of the lovely pictures below, and after that find out how you can add this to your collection!

Earthrise - Eras Lost vinyl complete Earthrise - Eras Lost vinyl 02 Earthrise - Eras Lost vinyls colour

For more gorgeous pictures of the product, check out this gallery.

So what do you have to get your hands on a copy, I hear you ask? Well, as always we like to do something related if we can, and riffing off the title of the album, we want you to identify the ‘lost era’ from the image below; four fairly recognisable covers that hail from the same year. What we want you to do is send an e-mail to with the subject “Gimme dat Earthrise vinyl” and tell us what the year is. We’ll then pick an entry out of a hat, and you’ll get yourself a copy!


You have one week starting now – the competition will close at 12pm GMT on Monday 25th August and the winner will be announced shortly afterward.