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Corelia’s 90-minute album – coming soon, with your help

Corelia 2015

I kind of missed the boat on San Diego progressive metal act Corelia the first time round. Their Nostalgia EP dropped in 2011 and generated a very healthy buzz – healthier than I realised in fact. Whilst social media following is not a bonafide barometer of popularity, their 64k+ Facebook fans and more modest 1700+ Twitter followers is nothing to sniff at.

What is a good barometer is the speed at which their brand new Indiegogo campaign is being funded. Launched fewer than 24 hours ago, the trio of Ryan Devlin, Chris Dower and Clayton Pratt are seeking to gather dosh for the recording process of their forthcoming full-length – and it’s already over two thirds done.

$15,000 would be a modest target for a band with more material, but such is Corelia’s apparently rabid following that this is clearly more than achievable. As such, the proposed 90-minute, 2-disc record is going to be created with the utmost attention to detail that Corelia would wish.

The album is somewhat ‘over’due – only because it was supposedly due autumn 2013, and then probably at various points last year too – but there is a reason for that:


We saw no substantial reason to rush out a debut LP or to subscribe to the label industry trend of releasing a persistent stream of albums when it was obvious to us that all future success of our band was going to be based around releasing records that live up to the highest quality of our artistic standards. We care very deeply about our vision and the music we create, and were thus intent on being veritably conscientious about our approach towards releasing new, evolved material with the understanding that it would undoubtedly spread on a much vaster scale upon a much more widely established foundation. So, we were determined to have our first full-length album be one with meaningful significance.

It’s sort of cool that they’re taking their time over it. There’s certainly something to be said for attention to detail, so long as you’re not angling to build your own home recording studio and spending months mixing 200+ layers of sound.

Perks on offer range from the digital album up to the top prize of a magical backstage-accessing Corelia cloak (little bit cringe, but who doesn’t want cloaks to make a comeback?), with various items of apparel and framed lyrics in between.

You’ve got until March 7th to get in on the act, which you can do here. I’d imagine there’ll be a nice kitty for the band by that point, and hopefully we’ll see the results by the end of summer, as predicted in our 2015 Shape Of Music To Come. In the meantime you can check out Nostalgia via Corelia’s Bandcamp: