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Welcome to the first taste of The Monolith’s premium content with a free album commentary of Cormorant’s Metazoa

Cormorant - Metazoa

Before we get into this slice of awesome from Bay Area blackened prog band Cormorant, let us first explain what this is an example of – something we plan to do a lot more of in the future.

We’ve spoken in the past about our plans to introduce exclusive premium content for our beloved Acolytes, the army of loyal slaves followers, friends, and most importantly, our community.

From day one, one of The Monolith’s key pillars of operation has been to build the best alternative music community on the internet. Most comment threads are filled with trolls, throwaway comments and negativity. Whilst we don’t shy away from a bit of ribbing or due criticism, we’re so ridiculously bored with the mundane and apathetic attitude of vocal majority of consumers, fostered by the negative attitude of some of the journalism out there, that we’re determined to create a vibrant, inclusive bunch of metal miscreants.

One of the ways we do this is by getting you to sign up. For a seriously token amount, you get interactive access to our events calendar, store discounts on all current and future products, extra special prizes in our contests, and the subject of this post: premium content.

“What classifies premium content?”, you may ask. Well, it’s anything that is a bit different; that takes that extra time to produce: podcasts, multi-artist discussions (we’ve got some REALLY interesting stuff lined up for this), and album commentaries – which is what today’s free preview is.

These things take effort to pull off, which is why in future the full things will only be available to our glorious Acolytes (although we’ll still give you a sneak peak every time). Given that we’re trying to build that ultimate metal community, we don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask for a little help on these – with much of the money going back into the community anyway.

So onto the piece at hand! If you haven’t yet come across them, Cormorant are an excellent blackened progressive band who have two brilliant albums under their belts; Metazoa and Dwellings. There was a sad note last year when bassist and frontman Arthur Von Nagel left the band , wanting to invest more time into his budding career in video games. The split was perfectly amicable and everyone respected his decision, and best of all, the band are still going strong and working on their next release with remaining members Matt Solis, Nick Cohon and Brennan Kunkel all equally a part of the band’s creative heart. The band have always been completely collaborative behind the scenes as demonstrated by this commentary.

What we have here is a commentary for their first album Metazoa, recorded at a time when Arthur as still a member of the band. It’s great to hear the stories, insights and ideas behind the music, and clearly they’re all equally important to the process.

So, if you are a fan of Cormorant, or if you’ve never even checked out their music before, you’re in for a treat. This commentary isn’t overly serious and it’s very admirable that they are able to honestly criticize their work. Now, when we listen to the album, we keep imagining their anecdotes and for us it certainly adds to the experience!

You can grab the commentary from our webstore here, available for absolutely nothing (although feel free to make a donation to support The Monolith if you want to see more content of this type!)!

If you were previously unaware of Cormorant, hopefully this will interest you in acquiring their first two albums which are available for whatever you want to pay for them via their Bandcamp. They’re a fantastic independent band and great guys, so be sure to support them!

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