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Cryptopsy tour Cattle Decapitation Decrepit Birth

Unholy demons of death metal does this look like the very tour to bring about the belated apocalypse and send all us heathens off for wine and cheese with Lucifer himself – and despite the main draws being some of the finest American death metal acts around, this tour will be heading directly to Europe; do not pass ‘Murica, do not collect $200. With each of the main acts having been around for at least twelve years, we can’t really see a reason why you’d miss this one. I don’t even listen to that much of the genre and this made me prick up my ears and take notice.

Heading the bill are Cryptopsy, the Canadian tech-death band who have been going since ’92. Drummer Flo Mounier has been there throughout the band’s twenty one-year history, with the rest technically much more recent additions (although guitarist Jon Levasseur has been with the band in two stints). Nevertheless, their self-titled latest album – their seventh – is a barnstormer and not to be missed.

Cattle Decapitation must have released one of the finest examples of the genre last year with Monolith Of Inhumanity. With a name like that, no wonder we loved it, but the visceral quality of the inimitable Travis Ryan really is something to behold. This band are pissed off.

Decrepit Birth are the third and final of the main acts. If you’ve not come across them and the enigma that is Bill Robinson, the marijuana-growing, technically-but-not-really-homeless frontman of this Californian quartet, again, you’re missing out. It’s been a while since there was any new material from them (2010′s Polarity was the last, when I first got into this blogging lark), but they have stated themselves that 2013 will see a lot of output from the band, so get into them before the hype-train starts.

Add to that Italians Eyeconoclast for northern Europe, nationally non-specific The Way Of Purity for France and Spain, and Fins Re-Armed for the UK/Ireland stretch, and you’ve got a late-spring tour to really get your teeth into.

Dates are appearing in the events calendar for this Cryptopsy tour as the evening progresses, so check those out!

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