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Cubic Space Division return with a newly polished version of an old demo

Cubic Space Division 2015

Around a year ago, following the reactivation of Undergroove Records, I wrote a short retrospective featuring my favourite bands from the label’s old roster. Now – and completely independently from their old label – one of those featured bands have themselves reawakened from a nine year slumber.

Folkestone-based quartet Cubic Space Division quietly announced their reformation a couple of months ago, and booked themselves a couple of days in a studio. The product of that session, a track called “Sunspot“, together with a video shot during the session, has now been made available – and it’s great.

With this track, Cubic are literally picking up where they left off. Originally written before their disbanding in 2006, some demo and live recordings of the song still exist in dark and forgotten corners of the internet, and the band have taken it off the shelf to give it a polish and the full studio treatment it deserves.

Mixing meaty, neolithic riffing with spacious atmospheric passages, topped off with a clean/harsh dual vocal attack from guitarists Oliver and Jamie, the track should find favour with fans of ISIS and Will Haven alike. There may also be some interest from fans of Feed The Rhino, as bassist Oliver went on to join the UK bruisers when Cubic disbanded and remains part of their line-up today.

So without further ado, here’s the track itself:

Smashing. On a personal note, as I mentioned in the last article, I shared a stage with Cubic on a number of occasions back in the mid-noughties. I always enjoyed watching them play, and still give their self-titled album regular spins, so I’m delighted to see their return to active service.

If you like what you hear, the tracks is available for free download on their Soundcloud page, and their 2003 album can be heard through the magic of Spotify.

Cubic have their first live outing booked for May 3rd, as part of Stevefest – a charity all-dayer in Deal, Kent, headlined by TRC – and we hope that some more dates will be added to the diary in the not too distant future.

Welcome back, lads.