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Cult Of Luna

Cult Of Luna are an amazing post metal band from Sweden who captivated our very own Deffrey Goines when he reviewed their latest album Vertikal, here. At the time we didn’t have any music from the album that we could share with you, but luckily Cult Of Luna have just released the first official music video for the closing track of the album “Passing Through“.

Filmed at sub zero temperatures in what was once Sweden’s largest mental hospital; the song is a meditative and thought provoking ode to the concept of time slowly passing us by. The video is extremely provocative, featuring an unnamed young girl (who spookily looks very similar to her own frozen porcelain doll as she lies in bed) walking through a frozen, desolate building that is filled with various people, frozen in moments of their life.

The provocative scenario is very unsettling, inanimate people frozen in motion, but their eyes are dead. Combine that with the soft, but piercing music and it creates a feeling of uneasiness and discomfort that weighs on you, long after the video has finished. Ultimately, while it is slow it manages to build tension effectively; the end result proving to be beautiful, but menacing.

Cult of Luna’s guitarist Fredrik Kihlberg (who also handles the vocals for this track) had this to say about the song:

When we decided to start writing a new COL album and talked about which direction we wanted to go, this was actually the first idea that came to my headI had this phrase – time is passing me by – in my head, going on repeat, and I thought and I should try to make something out of it. It’s a simple phrase but at the same time a powerful and overwhelming feeling. We wanted this to be a beautiful but at the same time intimidating song.”

The other vocalist and guitarist in the band, Johannes Persson had this to comment:

You can hear the sensitivity in his voice – just listen and you can hear what he’s communicating. You can feel it. It’s the most honest song I’ve ever heard.”

This video is a sublime work of art that compliments the music of Cult of Luna perfectly, so if you like this, be sure to pick up Cult Of Luna’s new album Vertikal, which maintains a harmonious equilibrium of beauty and emotional intensity throughout its ample running time.

Vertikal was released on the 25th and 29th of January in Europe and North America respectively, via Indie Recordings/Density Records.

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