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Cultes Des Ghouls are black metal act from the dark abyss known as Poland. I’d first heard of them around 2011 when they released their EP Spectres Over Transylvania, but never really gave them much thought until midway through 2012 when a good friend of mine showed them to me. I was in awe of their ability to create ominous, unique sounding atmospheres along with massive twisting song structures. This is true black metal, but like nothing you have ever heard before.

Now the year is 2013, and Cultes des Ghouls are gearing up to release their second full length album, Henbane, on Hell’s Headbangers in March, with a vinyl pressing to be out sometime in April. A first run on Under the Sign of Gazarel Productions was done in January, but has sold out since. The new album, based on the one track I have heard so far, is going to be their best yet. It appears to be even darker, heavier, more foreboding, and filled to the brim with evil presence than anything they have done to date.

So far, that one song seems to be the only thing available for us mortals to hear. It’s the third track from the album, “Vintage Black Magic”, and is a sprawling, doomy affair, with hair-raising howls, spectral clean vocals, mad laughter, dark whispers, mixed echoing clean passages, hellish black metal blasts, and mind-scattering riffage. It does everything in its power to place a curse upon its listener and transport them to a place not of this world. Towards the end the music slows to a crawl, getting heavier and heavier until it seems to cause the very walls of sanity to sag.

Henbane is not yet available for ordering, but keep watch over at Hell’s Headbangers for more info in the future!

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