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Cyclamen’s Humanise and Tales EPs will be out before summer

Cyclamen 2015

One of the things we love about Japanese outfit Cyclamen is their willingness to diversify. Helmed primarily by multi-instrumentalist Hayato Imanishi, Cyclamen have, over the years, been based in 3 different countries, collaborated with musicians ranging from Mark Holcomb to Mikee Goodman, released for charity, altered live line-up, played with recording techniques, and released a plethora of interesting merchandise, all with the purpose of keeping their audience entertained and engaged on various levels. Even this year, Hayato has released a limited ‘loyalty’ package whereby, for a down-payment of $100, fans will receive a selection of t-shirts, exclusive music, custom drawings and DVDs, with an instalment every 3 months for a year (although it’s only available until the end of February, as the first part will ship in March).

The latest announcement to come from the Cyclamen camp is that there will be two new Cyclamen releases this year: two EPs, that will be recorded and produced in very different ways.

Humanise has been talked about for a little while. The plan is to record in as few takes as possible (most of it in one take) with super minimal editing, everything recorded with microphones (no line recordings) and no pitch-correction or groove quantising. This is incredibly ambitious, and they’re honest about having delayed it for some time due to not feeling ready to record it yet. That appears not to be the case any more.

The second EP, Tales, will be the polar opposite: it will use all the technologies available to them, edited for the absoute best-sounding performance, with pitch-correction and groove quantising. Everything will be recorded by simulators and line recordings, without live amps, no real drum kit – everything computerised, basically, with all the layers and software instruments any budding bedroom producer could possibly want.

Explaining the reasoning for this, Hayato says:


As long as we remember, we’ve been having “Analogue vs Digital” argument on recording about which sounds better, but we feel these approach both are just as good as each other…Just results in different feel and sound.

We feel Cyclamen is suited to both types of sound just as much and we wanted to present you with both extremes so that you can get the feel of what you can achieve with both analogue and digital.

We’ll be tracking for these EPs later this month, and we plan to release it before the summer this year.

Wicked. I’m really excited to hear the results of this. Cyclamen have promised to report on the process in “extreme detail”, making it just as much a scientific experiment as an artistic endeavour.

Cyclamen also announced a couple of members changes this week. Unfortunately American guitarist Tristan Zemtseff has left the group as he will not be in Japan for the foreseeable future (though we can hope he’ll be back). Welsh drummer Aled has also been joined by Hitoshi Hoshino for shows on the Asian continent. Obviously getting Aled to the other side of the world isn’t always easy or cost-effective, so whilst both will get the chance to tour in the other’s ‘territory’, each will mostly handle tours close to their respective homes.

For 2015, those include UK Tech Fest and Mammothfest in Europe and a support slot with Italians Destrage on their imminent Japanese tour.

If you’re thus far unfamiliar with the band, all of their music (as well as Hayato’s post-rock band Withyouathome) is available on a NYP basis on Bandcamp here.