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Get your first slice of Cyclamen’s Tales EP

Cyclamen 2015 2

Back in February, Japanese tech metal outfit Cyclamen announced their intriguing plans to release two EPs this year. Titled Humanise and Tales, they’re intriguing propositions because Hayato and co. would take radically different approaches to the recording of each.

Humanise was to be recorded in as few takes as possible with minimal editing. Everything would be recorded with microphones, and there would be no pitch-correction or groove quantising. It’s taken them some time to get to a place where they were comfortable recording it, which has delayed it a little – it’s incredibly ambitious, so we were happy to wait for the results.

The waiting on anything from Tales is over though.The polar opposite to Humanise, it uses all the technologies available to the band. Edited for the absolute best-sounding performance, with pitch-correction and groove quantising, everything was recorded by simulators and line recordings, without no live amps, no real drum kit, and with all the layers and software instruments any budding bedroom producer could possibly want.

We’ve now been given a first slice of that record in the form of “Departure“, which adds to its repertoire of tricks by utilising the vocals talents of Yuuri of Outside the Coma (formerly Outpatients), the band she fronts with SikTh‘s Mikee Goodman (another former Cyclamen collaborator). Have a listen:

It’s no so much a massive departure, however – it’s very indicative of the style we’ve come to love from the band: technical, hard hitting, throat-shredding vocals and layers of atmosphere. It’s what we were missing with the absence of countrymen Envy, before Envy decided to return this year – but they’ve now got competition as everyone’s favourite Japanese metal band.

Humanise and Tales will be released May 27th. Cyclamen are due to play both UK Tech Fest and Mammothfest in the UK this year, so miss them at your peril.

All of Cyclamen’s music (as well as Hayato’s post-rock band Withyouathome) is available on a Name Your Price basis on Bandcamp here, so check all that out if you haven’t already.