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Cyclamen - Ashura

One of the nicest guys in the alternative art scene, Japanese musician Hayato Imanishi is something of a chameleon. From his humble roots with university band Pink Widow, he’s forged ahead in his post-educational years with two fairly different and successful musical projects: Withyouathome, an internationally-sourced post-rock band, and Cyclamen, a more heavily-slanted project for which he alone composes, but has recruited various musicians over the years to perform live, including Monuments‘ own Olly Steele, and Chimp Spanner‘s Boris Le Gal.

An unassuming little announcement from the latter of his bands popped up on my news feed this morning, announcing Cyclamen’s second full length is due to be released later this year:

Cyclamen Ashura announcement

To be titled Ashura, it represents the second installment in a planned trilogy of releases – the Satori Trilogy - which began with 2010′s Senjyu (salvation):

[quote-symbol symbol1]The word “Ashura” comes from one of the eight guardians, who presides “Ashura-do”, one of the six world “lost beings” reside. Ashura is known for its combative character and some refer him as “God of Battles” in Japanese Buddhism.

A new track called “絶対なる正義” (Zettai Naru Seigi) has been debuted, which comes with a neat little Japanese-language lyrics video, and which roughly translates as “Justice to be absolute”. If there’s any justice in the world, then the new album will be very successful!

Boy is it a smack around the face, matching the aggression you might expect from the god of battles. Hayato has always experimented with different styles, but this is something else. Mixing blackened elements with technical mathcore and more expansive, open rock styles, it’s still undeniably Cyclamen, but it represents a challenging step forward for the project, and one which will hopefully impress a lot of people.

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