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Dark Sermon Unveil Their New Music Video

Dark Sermon

We previously wrote about Floridian melodic death metal band, Dark Sermon here; introducing their powerful music in anticipation for the release of their debut album In Tongues. That release is now creeping closer and to celebrate the band have released a new single in the form of the track “Hounds“. It’s a great, hard hitting number that is infused with a strong balance of melody, technicality and actual headbangable riffs. The bass rumbles, the drums blast and the guitars blaze to life, all guided by the resonating barks of vocalist and dramatic frontman Johnny Crowder who delivers his all in every single performance.

The video itself is a slick and simple production. Without spoiling anything there is a lot of pretty intense and interesting imagery including a girl splitting her wrists in a more “artistic fashion” than perhaps would be considered traditional. All of this imagery is juxtaposed with the more standard performance footage of the band, but the shots are composed extremely well. They effectively make use of lighting, I especially enjoy how Crowder’s face is often in darkness, despite him being at the forefront, with all of the other band members being rather illuminated. This is certainly a somewhat unique shift from most music videos who prefer to focus all of the attention on the frontman and ignore the other musicians for the most part (especially those responsible for the low end). The video splits footage between members relatively evenly and really manages to enforce the ideal that this young group of men are all extremely crucial to the success and sound of the band.

In Tongues is currently streaming in full on Spotify and I would strongly recommend listening to the whole album as it’s fantastic and definitely a melodic death metal highlight of the year thus far. They manage to not only perfectly channel other “big” death metal bands like The Black Dahlia Murder and Job For A Cowboy, but they manage to carve out their own sound and bring something fresh to the table. Bravo guys!

In Tongues is due out on April 12th via Nuclear Blast Records in Europe and eOne/Goodfight in North America. Support these guys!

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