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New album Construct is a departure for Dark Tranquility

Dark Tranquility 2013

I’ll admit I’m not familiar with Dark Tranquility. The Swedish giants are part of the melodeath furniture, but it’s not my scene normally, so I’ve not much context with their work.

It is with a blank slate, then, that I’ve come to their new album Construct, and I’m liking what I’ve heard so far. It’s certainly quite melodic, with a big vibe overall. I’ve heard tell that it’s a bit of a departure for them, but to be honest for a band that’s been going for about 24 years – and this is their tenth studio record – I’m not surprised.

The band parted ways their bassist Daniel Antonsson in February, but it seems to have not slowed them down, and with the album due out on May 27th in Europe and on May 28th in North America, the promotional material is ramping up, and they debuted this music video for third track “Uniformity“:

I quite dig the song. Dark Tranquility have released a couple of songs previously too. “For Broken Words“, the opener, is probably my favourite so far, but that and second track “The Science of Noise” are both quite good. “Uniformity” is also the third track, so you’ve now got the opening three in the bag!

For this video, they had the following to say:

[quote-symbol symbol1]In contrast to the more experimental promo videos we made last year, we wanted the “Uniformity” clip to be an intimate and genuine performance video. Nothing but the music itself and the band members playing in the rehearsal room. For this, we hired renowned director Patric Ullaeus, and we’re very happy to share the result with you.

The band is currently working on a full North American tour for September 2013, whilst EU/UK fans can look forward to one for November/December. There’s also a bunch of festivals lined up for the summer, as well as 70,000 Tons Of Metal next January (although let’s not think about that yet), so plenty of chances to see them this year!

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