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Disclaimer: Defeater probably not actually bastards; literally or figuratively

Defeater - Letters Home

We got word a few weeks ago that storytelling hardcore band Defeater had completed work on a new album called Letters Home. The Bostonians have gained a solid following over the past few years, and with good reason; their posty-brand of angst-ridden hardcore is really solid, and is backed up by a consistent modus operandi, in that they all tell a story (the same story).

The lyrics ape the concept of the album, reading like a letter: beginning “I hope this finds you well” – but the song is full of regret, and considering the bleak outlook of the band’s previous records, this is no surprise. The story of the band has previously followed the child of an impoverished post-WWII couple from New Jersey, and his life isn’t exactly rosy; Letters Home focuses on the boy’s father, who isn’t exactly a model daddy, but we’ve been told that this release will give a little more context to the previous records’ events, from his perspective.

The first real taste is a track called “Bastard“, which is about as telling as it gets; the lyric “still all you see is the bastard in me” is the song’s central refrain, and further investigation into the lyric book will likely reveal some interesting stuff story-wise. Take a listen:

It’s certainly fairly heavy, as we have been promised the record will be; the drums in sound damn tasty, and the quality of vocalist Derek Archambault’s voice is desperate and pain-filled. This is the first track, and to be honest, we can’t see it getting much brighter than this. Good thing the record itself seems like it’s going to be pretty good.

Letters Home is due out on July 16th through Bridge Nine Records; pre-order it here! Defeater will also play a part in the second half of this year’s North American Warped Tour.

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