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Bostonian storytellers Defeater announce details of new album Letters Home

Defeater 2013

Massachusetts hardcore band Defeater have always been something of a breath of fresh air. As well as being excellent musicians, they are also storytellers, and so I feel an extra connection to them in that respect. They’re sometimes described as a concept band, and all of their output thus far have had an over-arching story line – and the news has now come that the band have finished working on a new record, to be released later this summer.

2008′s Travels, Defeater’s first album, tells the story of a young man born at the end of WWII to a struggling Jerseyan family, starting with his unwanted birth, moving through his traumatic childhood, then leaving and later returning to his home a man. The following EP Lost Ground and 2011′s album/EP Empty Days & Sleepless Nights all continued this, and the new release will continue that.

We’ve been promised that Letters Home, their third full-length, is their heaviest body of work so far. It’s always been pretty bleak stuff, and the instrumentation has always backed that. Guitarist Jay Maas says:

[quote-symbol symbol1]Letters Home is more focused on sounding dirty and mean, but at the same time we have improved as songwriters so some of these ten tracks are our most accessible.

This is also the first recorded outing for new drummer Joe Longobardi, who “is some kind of drum wizard. His memory for organizing parts is sincerely inhuman, and he has such amazingly tasteful composition skills.  Everything he plays just feels meant to be which really lends itself to an easier time for the rest of us”, according to Maas.

Here’s the tracklisting:

01.  Bastards
02.  No Shame
03.  Hopeless Again
04.  Blood In My Veins
05.  No Relief
06.  No Faith
07.  Dead Set
08.  No Savior
09.  Rabbit Foot
10.  Bled Out

Letters Home will be out July 16th through Bridge Nine Records, and Defeater will be supporting on this year’s North American Warped Tour from July 11th through to August 4th – the tour’s latter half.

Make sure to catch them if you can! We’ll surely have more in the run-up, including something new to listen to, but in the meantime here’s the video for “Empty Glass” from Empty Days.

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