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Nags not Deftones ‘mane’ concern, however…

Deftones Swerve City screen cap

Deftones‘ most recent record Koi No Yokan was a pretty big hit for them last year. Their seventh studio album overall, it continued the strong trend set by 2010′s Diamond Eyes, a massive hit for the band.

Both records were written and recorded with Sergio Vega, who now looks set to continue as the group’s bassist full time after the death of founding member Chi Cheng last month. Cheng, who was in a serious automotive accident in 2008, had been in and out of a coma ever since, ultimately passed away when his heart stopped on April 13th.

The band released this new video yesterday for Koi No Yokan‘s opening track “Swerve City“. We’re not sure when this was filmed, but it carries more than a little melancholy about it, which is entirely unsurprising given the circumstances. The main focus is a young woman riding a horse slow-mo style through some pretty epic desert scenery before heading home. There’s a dark twist at the finale however, when Chino makes a cameo, which could be construed as an automotive allegory for their late friend’s accident. Check it out:

The band are understandably taking a little down time at the moment, but their live schedule will pick up this weekend as they play Ozzfest Japan with a pretty big name lineup of Slipknot, Black Sabbath, Tool, Stone Sour and Slash, after which they’ll be heading out with letlive. once again, this time to Australia, Thailand, the Phillipines and Hawaii. Then begins a series of summer festival appearance, and one-offs with other bands, all too numerous to mention really.

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