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Chino Moreno says new Deftones record is “heady”

Stephen Carpenter Deftones new album 2015

Alt-metal superstars Deftones have been writing. We all knew it, and we were all excited, but getting official confirmation that one of your favourite bands will be releasing a new album this year is…well, let’s just say that sometimes there are bodily fluids.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, frontman Chino Moreno confirmed that the band are looking at a September/October release date for the follow up to 2012′s Koi No Yokan. Recording is scheduled to be finished by the end of March, with mixing and mastering to follow soon after. They’ve been utilising the skills of Matt Hyde, who produced their last album, once again, and it’s reportedly been a very productive time – with no material written by any members prior to officially starting work, they’ve managed to produce a (for them) record 16 songs, and as Moreno says, these are some of the most considered Deftones tracks to date:


I feel like we’ve gone into the songs and really dissected them. If something sounded a little straight, we took a left turn and made things a little screwy. We just tried something completely opposite, not to sabotage it, but to challenge ourselves and try new things that we haven’t done in the past.

Obviously this is all early days – we’re a good half year off yet – but we’re already salivating a little bit, and can’t wait to hear the results.

In the mean time, you can catch Deftones at the inaugural Rock In Rio festival in Las Vegas in May with the likes of Metallica, Sepultura and Linkin Park, which takes place over the space of a couple of weeks. Beyond that, there’s also the Amnesia Rockfest in Montebello, Canada on June 18th, but surprisingly for the band, not much else at the moment.