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UK get hyped: Destiny Potato are coming

Destiny Potato Hieroglyph poster

It’s no secret that we are MASSIVE fans of Serbian band Destiny Potato - and we’re not the only ones. Despite their debut album Lun taking much longer than anticipated to surface, they dropped it last May and it was one of the highlights of the prog calendar. The mixture of rhythmic sensibilities and gorgeous pop melodies made it a massive hit with the UK tech metal crowd in particular, but also wider audiences.

Unfortunately, the quartet have have absolutely rotten luck when it comes to playing shows. They missed last year’s Tech Fest entirely, were severely delayed the year before, and were redeemed in their efforts only by a triumphant appearance at Euroblast last October, which was entirely worth the wait by all accounts. They’re dead good though – even standing in a sweaty Peterborough tent two years ago, pre-Lun and not knowing much about them, the ferocious talent they have at their disposal is phenomenal.

We hope, then, that their forthcoming UK mini-tour in April suffers the fewest setbacks possible, and the denizens of Hull, Basingstoke and London should be rocking on their heels with delight at the prospect. Joined by Manchester’s own Hieroglyph (whom we like very much), and the London date joins up with the recently announced No Sin Evades His Gaze/Subversion co-headlining tour.

Why it’s such a short stay isn’t elaborated on, but the Potatoes aren’t slacking – just prior, they will be playing Easter Cross festival in Oberndorf and a date in Cologne (both Germany), then three dates in Italy in mid-April – so I’m glad the UK is getting a small scoop of their delicious mash.

Beyond that, DP will return to Cologne for Euroblast 11 the first weekend of October, and hopefully more to come. Keep thine Potatey eyes peeled!