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Italian technicians Destrage offer acoustic session of AYKM?N track

Destrage Where The Things Have No Colour acoustic video screencap

I was vaguely aware of Destrage before last year, but I was entirely unprepared for the onslaught of their the album they released last March. Are You Kidding Me? No. was pure, unadulterated Italian bliss; like ice cream pizza but without the brain freeze and hot cheese burns.

The album was an electric middle finger in the face of compartmentalisation, and the band’s brand new acoustic video for central track “Where The Things Have No Colour” is incredibly demonstrative of this point from my review; whereas much of the record contains varying levels of speedy fretboard histrionics, this song is stripped back and tender. The original actually features an acoustic intro anyway, but here the band have rearranged the whole thing, adding strings and changing the tempo considerably.

I don’t know about you, but I thought that was really, really lovely. Like, I’d show that to me mam.

Speaking of the track, Destrage said:

“Where The Things Have No Colour has a very personal meaning to us. This song talks about certain moments, it’s hard to explain them but if you felt like this once in your life you will find the lyrics extremely familiar. We talked a lot about the possibility of making an acoustic version of one of our songs, and this felt like being the perfect occasion.”

For all of its fun nature, Are You Kidding Me? No has its sombre moments and serious themes, and this one in particular is obviously quite important to them. Nice to hear a different side of things.

Destrage are heading to Japan in February for a run of three dates, where they will be supported by Monolith favourites Cyclamen. They’ve also just been announced for the 2015 edition of Bloodstock, which is fantastic. They only came to the UK once last year, for UK Tech Fest, so here’s to more where that came from.