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British ambient metal veterans Devil Sold His Soul have never quite reached the recognition that some of their contemporaries have, but it hasn’t stopped them drawing a passionate fanbase. I count myself one of them, and of the many shows I’ve attended over the years, they’ve never been short of an enthusiastic crowd.

As with any band, they’ve had their troubled times, and particularly in recent years they’ve been a lot quieter than they used to be, with fewer appearances and only the release of one – admittedly excellent – EP via Basick Records since 2012′s Empire Of Light.

This morning has seen them drop a brand new song, however, with some particularly poignant words from the band:

“We have been a band for over 12 years. Along the way we have met some of the best people and shared some of our most treasured memories. But, as in life, those good times are inevitably interrupted by more testing ones. This song represents our struggle as a band and as individuals during those most difficult moments and reflects on how we got through them and moved forward.

It’s been 2 years since we last released new material and they’ve been pretty tough years for us. I began to question the existence of the band, I think we all did at times. This song is about dark days, it’s right from the heart, it’s as honest as I could be about recent times and it tells of our struggle and a hope that we’re beyond it.”

Not only that, but DSHS have decided to donate all proceeds from the sale of this single to The Martlets Hospice, the facility that took car of Architects‘ Tom Searle before his death earlier this year.

“Not long after we had written this song we found out the tragic news of our friend Tom Searle’s passing. This really came as a huge shock to us all, as it did to countless other people around the globe. We have felt a special affinity with Architects having been part of the same scene since we formed back in 2004, following similar paths in the early days and touring together over the years. We have always had the utmost respect for them as musicians and as people. We wanted to be able to show our support for those closest to Tom and for those who cared for him. Therefore we would like to donate all proceeds from this track to The Martlets Hospice as a tribute to the life and work of Tom and the legacy he leaves behind. We hope the money raised can be used to help those with terminal illnesses and support those close to them in their time of need. Please donate for this great cause. Thank you.”

The question is, does this herald a new record? The band posted pictures of themselves recording back in September, including what have turned out to be lyrics from this song – so was that just for this track, or is there more to come? We certainly hope so.

Either way, do give what you can – Martlets Hospice are doing important work.