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Devil Sold His Soul lose Ed Gibbs; replaced by Paul Green of The Arusha Accord

Devil Sold His Soul 2013

Century Media’s British ambient post-hardcore band Devil Sold His Soul have been favourites of mine for a long time, and it’s always perplexed me a little bit why they’re not bigger than they are. They seem to have a fairly good European following, but America has never really caught wind in a big way, which is a shame. Their debut full-length A Fragile Hope was on almost constantly throughout my first year at university (over five almighty years ago); it’s at times both hugely crushing and delicate, and it’s a sound not many bands can match.

I sometimes wondered if vocalist Ed Gibbs might have been a little polarizing. I could understand his delivery not being for everyone – harsh, breathless screams mixed (more and more, as albums have progressed) with a growing singing voice that, admittedly, at times wasn’t the strongest.

I loved it though, and always had a riot when I’ve seen them live – no fewer than seven times, more than any other band – but it seems that period of DSHS’s career is over, as Ed has left the band to pursue a different career.

In a statement released this morning through their Facebook page, Ed reflected on his decision to leave the band after nine years, whilst the remaining five members expressed thanks to Ed for his memorable tenure with the band. Completely amicable, then, which is always preferred for all involved.

Formed in 2004, and featuring ex-members of Mahumodo (so strong links to *shels and shelsmusic, then), Rinoa and more, Devil Sold His Soul currently have three studio albums, an EP and a split with Tortuga under their belts – the most recent being last year’s Empire Of Light – and are currently on tour in Europe. These will be Ed’s last shows with the band, leading up to Hit The Deck Festival in Nottingham on April 21st, and the final appearance being Slam Dunk Festival in Leeds in late May.

Luckily, the band already have a replacement lined up in Paul Green of fellow Brits The Arusha Accord.

[quote-symbol symbol1]So now we look to the future. We are extremely happy to say that we have already found a new vocalist. Paul Green, whom many of you will know from The Arusha Accord, will be taking over vocal duties and we feel very lucky to have found someone who we deem to have an amazing voice and energy that will add a new dimension to DSHS. We hope that you will all welcome him into the band with the same positive and open-minded spirit that we have.

The Arusha Accord have been dormant for a few years, despite promising a comeback when they resigned to Basick Records back in 2011. Music has been hinted at, but in the meantime, this sounds like something for Paul to sink his teeth into.

As ever, this news is not the end of the world. We wish Ed and DSHS the best of luck, of course. I do wonder if the ‘rule of three’ will raise its head once again and claim two more victims in the coming week, though…

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