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Ziltoid The Omniscient to return; Casualties Of Cool almost finished

Ziltoid The Omniscient Z2

Prepare yourselves for the subjugation! The mighty Canadian meastro himself, Devin Townsend, has revealed via his Twitter that current project Casualties Of Cool is only a month away from completion, meaning that the much-desired second outing for Ziltoid The Omniscient is next up to the slab:

[quote-symbol symbol1]So Casualties is one solid month from being ‘put to bed’ …as a result of it’s nature presenting itself recently, I am now cleared for Z2!

As projects appear and take hold of me, they infect each other until they’re actualized. Casualties has been haunting me for 2 years Its frustrating to some that I can’t turn it off and on like a tap, but If I’m resonating with a certain frequency, it’s essential to finish

As a result, each project is ‘pure’ in my mind. Ziltoid is now not hindered by thoughts of Epicloud or Casualties. Thats how she rolls, = )

That Casualties Of Cool is all but done is great news; it’ll be the sixth Devin Townsend Project record, and whilst the last one, Epicloud, wasn’t a stone-cold stunner, you can never discount Hevy Devy from knocking your block off.

But the Z2 announcement is possibly more exciting. Ziltoid The Omniscient was a fantastic slice of fun, and the character himself is one of those that you can’t help but love. Devin has been using him, even out of the context of playing the album’s songs, for years now. When he played all of the first four DTP albums in full in London a couple of years ago, he framed the Deconstruction show as a rally to elect Ziltoid as President Of The Universe, and numerous Ziltoid-related videos get played at live shows. There was even a series of unrelated videos made a few years ago, including this one, which was my first real introduction the the character:

Seven thousand blasts of gooby!

Hilarious. It’s also great news, then, that a new Ziltoid-centric series is also on the horizon, in which Ziltoid will interview various bands:

[quote-symbol symbol1]AND ZTV starts filming in a month and a half! THAT is going to rock your world…anyways, later…d

Excellent news all round then.

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