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In a video that is so London you can almost see ha’penny bits and hear the Bow bells reflected in their very eyes, The Safety Fire‘s Derya Nagle and Sean McWeeney talk us through their album Grind The Ocean - released back in April – track by track.

This one has been a bit of a sleeper hit with me. I was fairly aware of the band before they signed to Inside Out Music in August last year, and always saw the guys out supporting London metal, but despite loving first single and opening track “Huge Hammers“, it took me a while to fall in love with Grind The Ocean – but fall I did. The riffs are damn catchy, whilst displaying a level of technicality that is both interesting and satisfying – something shared across the rhythm section as well. McWeeney’s vocals are decidedly unique in their timbre and lyrical execution, giving the band a unique selling point.

The video is pretty fun too, and it’s nice to see a UK band not taking themselves so damn seriously. I’ll leave the pointedness of that comment to your imaginations.