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It’s getting to the end of the year, which means the year end lists are starting to be trotted out – but wait, there are still tons of albums that you haven’t heard!

Will of the Ancients

If you were paying any attention about a month and a bit ago, you would recall that I wrote a post about the Toronto-based band Will of the Ancients, who had made the title track, “To Our Glorious Dead” from their new, second full length album free for download until Remembrance Day.

The Canadian black metal band followed that up by making the entire album available for free on Remembrance Day itself. I immediately jumped upon that, because a) free awesome music and b) free awesome music. Their brand of melodic black/death metal is quite something. To Our Glorious Dead is filled with awesome riffs, and quite a surprising amount of variation. The song “Stone Shield” is very much in the vein of Absu, right down to insane falsettos, whereas closer “To Our Glorious Dead” is a Bathory/Graveland-esque epic in tribute of fallen soldiers. Other songs fall into almost Swedish death metal territory.

This album is quite an experience, full of melody, catchy riffs, and graven atmosphere. There are keyboards in the mix, but they don’t go over the top, staying nicely in the background. It has great drumming, top notch riffs, and the vocals are really really good, alternating between low growls and higher rasps.

You aren’t able to download To Our Glorious Dead for free anymore, but you can stream it at Bandcamp. The album will also be released on CD in February via PRC Music.

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