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Long ago I swore that I would stop writing about Disarmonia Mundi - not because I hated the band, but because it seemed like every time I covered or reviewed something by, or involving the guys, I managed to fuck up who did what on each part and the only comments would be from some indignant prick who had to highlight this fact despite the band being one of the most opaque groups out there.

However, I can’t fuck this up since it’s a pretty simple studio update issued recently that serves as a sign of life for the band, and I know who wrote it because he signed the goddamned thing. Claudio checked in for the first time in a while with a blog entry on their official site called Chapter 2 that announced that they were demoing new stuff in the studio, and that there was a lot of material that was pretty different from what they had done before. If you haven’t listened to this band before, 2009′s The Isolation Game was friggin fantastic and had a couple of excellent songs (which you can hear here, here, and here) that stood out amongst a batch of really great tunes, so it’s a pretty good place to start.

They have quite a bit of material that seems to see a release frequency of about once every three years, and the currently two piece melodeath group did grab quite a bit of attention because they counted Soilwork frontman Bjorn “Speed” Strid amongst their ranks for their second and third records. The group are saying that their newer stuff is an evolution of what they’ve already worked on (including a shout-out to the almost never mentioned Nebularium!) and that it will be interestingly different, however we do get the cheeky sign off saying that if we enjoyed what the group had done before then we will enjoy this new stuff.