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I’m not usually real big on covers, personally. It’s all too easy to learn a song someone else already wrote and performed, particularly if you play it the same way the original artist does. However, when played in a unique way, either with a new approach or on an entirely different instrument, covers can be pretty cool.

YouTuber jsabbott0 is the only cover artist I subscribe to, because his personal take on metal songs is refreshingly unique. Not only his he clearly a skilled pianist, but he is obviously quite the metal fan, and is really in tune with the aspects of the particular songs he covers that make them beloved by fans. He nails every transposed riff, perhaps even elevating them in the eyes of some, from mere guitar chugging to a more “cultured” traditional medium. I’m kind of just guessing about that last part really, but there might be some stuffy fuck out there that glosses over guitars, but would still be impressed by the same melodies when played on piano. Either way, it’s awesome stuff.

Check out his latest cover of “All We Love We Leave Behind“, from Converge‘s album of the same name. Not only do I think it’s incredible, but apparently Converge drummer Ben Koller thought highly enough of it to post the video to Facebook. Mighty praise in this day and age! Check it out below, the song really takes off right around the 1:00 mark.

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