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When British-based tech-metal outfit The HAARP Machine signed to Sumerian Records in the summer of 2011, quite a deal was made of their Eastern-inspired riffery, stemming from keffiyeh-bedecked guitarist Al Mu’min. Unfortunately a long wait was in the offing from that point, as the band underwent a couple of lineup changes before eventually settling on Ordinance and ex-Vestascension vocalist Mike Semesky, a talent of some distinction.

The final piece of the puzzle came much more recently (although the announcement was a double one) when drummer extraordinaire Alex Rudinger joined the group. Well known from melodeath outfit Threat Signal, he is also Semesky’s bandmate in Ordinance, and so his appointment was neither surprising nor questionable.

Below he can be seen playing through their new album opener ‘Esoteric Agenda‘. The video is incredibly no-nonsense; there’s no cutting camera angles for effect, allowing you a full study of his technique and ability.

The HAARP Machine’s Disclosure is out now through Sumerian Records, and you can catch them on tour in North America with The Faceless and Revocation later this month.