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New cuts from Battlecross, Ghost, Rivers Of Nihil and David Maxim Micic!

Ghostbusters don't cross the streams

Don’t do it. Total protonic reversal.

There’s nothing more ubiquitous in music promotion now that the advance album stream. Usually about a week before release, labels will set up exclusive premieres of their forthcoming albums to get everyone excited about them before release, and hopefully push a few sales – the first week is very important after all!

So in an effort to keep everything in one place, here are the best streams that went up this week!

Battlecross – Rise To Power

Battlecross - Rise To Power album art

Michiganians Battlecross have been around over 12 years now, but weren’t exactly prolific in their early years, so they’ve been making up for it ever since their 2010 debut album.

Thrashy, snarling and oddly upbeat, Rise To Power is their fourth album and is gaining acclaim across the board. It’s definitely one to check out if nothing else, but metal played this joyously shouldn’t be ignored.

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David Maxim Micic – Eco

David Maxim Micic - Eco album art

After the roaring success that was Ego last month, Destiny Potato guitarist David Maxim Micic‘s second release in as many months is every bit as blinding as its twin, if not incredibly different.

It’s sounds part like a Studio Ghibli tribute, with a feeling not unlike Nordic Giants record thanks to its scattering of vocal guest spots from The Omega Experiment‘s Dan Wieten, trip-hop artist Scampi and Spanish singer Miyoki; an eclectic range of artists if ever you’ve heard them. The vibe is much more mellow, with less guitar riffery and much more focus on ambience and building soundscapes. It’s really beautiful, but not at all what we’ve come to expect from the Serbian wizard, so more power to him.

And whilst we’re all looking forward to more from Destiny Potato, as well as David’s lauded Bilo series, this record is a more than welcome departure.

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Ghost – Meloria


It’s probably fair to say that, with over 1,000,000 followers on Facebook alone, Ghost have a few fans. With only two records under their belt, the Swedes have amassed an aptly cultish following, but Meliora could be their best yet.

As much an exercise in theatre as in music, Ghost are nevertheless the real deal. Since their debut they’ve consistently evolved, building up their craft around some fairly tongue-in-cheek Satanism. Meliora sees them rejoice in a world ruled by the lord of the pit himself, meshing 70s prog – all keys and that fat guitar tone – with anthemic rock and lashing of the occult. It’s a fantastically fun, catchy record, and should find no shortage of admirers.

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Rivers Of Nihil – Monarchy

Rivers Of Nihil - Monarchy review

I don’t ever really listen to tech death, but this album it too good for its own…good.

In the world of Monarchy, the earth has been transformed into an arid desert wasteland where after aeons of lifelessness, new beings wander and worship the sun. The cyclic nature of society breeds a new caste system, and only an ancient being can help them correct their course.

Here, Rivers Of Nihil have crafted one of the catchiest tech death albums in recent memory. Retaining the fret-watching flashiness of the genre, Monarchy splice in slamming, A-grade groove. Tracks like “Sand Baptism” are meaty and aggressive, but bounce along with infectious . The bass is absolutely gorgeous, weaving around under the blast beats and massive riffs like a snake, and the vocals are sound hoarse and angry, but always in complete control.

Do yourselves a favour and give this one a go – especially if, like me, this isn’t a genre you normally check out. It’s totally worth it.

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