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New cuts from Defeater, Neshiima and NYN

Ghostbusters don't cross the streams

Don’t do it. Total protonic reversal.

The advance album stream. More common than the common cold, these babies get thrown out about a week before any given record’s release in the hope they will usher in a few extra sales.

We like to bring you the best stuff we can, so here’s the top records streaming this week!

Defeater – Abandoned

Defeater - Abandoned album art

Defeater‘s latest journal of pain and anguish has crept up on my a little bit, so that it is now streaming in full is certainly a welcome sight.

Abandoned continues the melodic hardcore band’s grand narrative tradition, following the lives of a never-named 20th century New Jersian family (and those with whom they interact), and the various tragedies that befall them following WWII, which are crushing. A second son kills his alcoholic WWII veteran father and runs away, before returning to find his mother dead and his brother with a seething hatred for him.

2013′s Letters Home delved into the past of the father, turning him into a somewhat sympathetic character. As with 2009′s Lost Ground EP however, Abandoned follows someone not immediately within the family. A tale of a lapsed Catholic Priest, it carries the same naked aggression and themes of personal torment as previous work. Happy this ain’t, but it’s often relatable and more than a little compelling.

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Neshiima – Beware Of Gifts

Neshiima - Beware Of Gifts album art

Scottish groovemeisters Neshiima caught our eye at UK Tech Fest last month – so much so that we were happy to give their new EP Beware Of Gifts the old once over (which Simon did here).

Some kind of new nu-metal hybrid, the thick modern tones of the preamp generation are infused with ample amounts of groove and layered over with the accomplished vocals of Liam Hesslewood, which switch from singing, to roaring, to Linkin Park-ish spoken word/rapping – as well as some well-placed and atypical instrumental uses that tie in nicely with the theme.

See, it’s something of a concept record, based around the Japanese myth of Urashima Taro: a fisherman who rescues a turtle and ends up 300 years in the future. Some people can’t catch a fucking break sometimes, even when they’re trying to do the right thing! Typical.

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NYN – Equivalence

NYN - Equivalence album art

Following last year’s aggressive, technical masterclass Eventuality, one-man project NYN, from Maryland-based multi-instrumentalist Noyan Tokgozoglu (I’ve asked, and I still can’t remember how to pronounce his last name), has followed up with a melodeath EP called Equivalence.

It’s quite the departure from his normal fare, but well worth a look for fans, and hopefully a gateway for melodeath fans into his more abstruse output.

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