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New cuts from Ancient Altar, Valley and Modern Day Babylon

Ghostbusters don't cross the streams

Don’t do it. Total protonic reversal.

What’s new this week? The best new records, streaming in full before release!

Ancient Altar – Dead Earth

Ancient Alter - Dead Earth album art

If you fancy something a bit moody for the weekend, as the colder weather seems to be drawing in, then you would do well to give the new record from Ancient Altar a spin. As the name might suggest, Dead Earth is a bleak slab of music, toeing the line between suffocating sludge and crushing doom. Very much in line with the cultural zeitgeist, the album depicts the end of humanity thanks to war, corruption and religion, and the necessary destruction of Earth while a lucky few escape to rebuild on a distant planet.

It’s got a nice bit of personal flair to it; the riffs, slow and pounding, are full of feeling, and the barren shrieks of bassist Scott Carlson and guitarist Barry Kavener fit the mood perfectly.

Dead Earth is out now via Black Voodoo Records.

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Valley – Sunburst

Valley - Sunburst album art

A neat, melancholic little EP, Valley‘s new release Sunburst meshes remote psychedelia, fuzzy blues and trembling post-rock into four songs of real quality. Stick on some headphones, lock the door and float away for half an hour.

The Swedish five-piece, speaking to PopMatters, said:

“Valley’s creative process tends to be long. Not that we’re perfectionist or anything, it is just that we need to reach that particular dissonance, that little unexpected detail that changes the song. A detail that brings a certain inherent sadness, a blue feeling, or ‘vemod’ – that’s the Swedish word we like to use to describe that particular kind of sadness. It takes time to find that feeling, you can’t follow a blueprint or a recipe. It doesn’t work that way.”

Sunburst will be released 9th September via Version Studio Records.

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Modern Day Babylon – The Ocean Atlas

Modern Day Babylon - The Ocean Atlast EP album art

Last seen on the Sunday at Tech Fest 2014, Czech ambient metal trio Modern Day Babylon dropped their new EP The Ocean Atlas on Monday.

It’s fully instrumental, so there’s plenty of space to focus on what’s going on between the guitar, drums and bass without one of those pesky vocalists getting in the way. As such, you can fully appreciate the gorgeous tones, the groovy rhythm, and all those lovely solos. Watch out in particular for the solo on second track “Drops” – it’s provided by Monolith favourite Plini.

The Ocean Atlas is out now.

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