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Doomy music for a doomy week


Sometimes, you just need doom metal. Miserable, dark, harrowing, soul-crushing doom metal. It cures what ails ye. The USA has had a pretty terrible week, so here’s a doom metal roundup from the last little while, because misery loves company.

Church of Misery

Earlier this week, Japan-based, serial killer-fixated sludge doom band Church of Misery released the first song from their upcoming fifth full length album Thy Kingdom Scum, the art for which is at the top of this post. Church of Misery are legends in their craft, dealing out thick roiling sludgy riffs on album after album. The song, “Brother Bishop”, clocks in at seven minutes in length, and features lyrics about serial killer Gary Heidnik, and is a rough, wretched, bluesy affair that lives up to the band’s name.

The vocals are like sandpaper soaked in whiskey and blood, and the guitar tone cuts like a rusty handsaw. A guitar solo at the five minute mark screams bloody murder. Just before the six minute mark, the song picks up its pace, becoming something more breakneck and uproarious.

Thy Kingdom Scum comes out May 27th on Metal Blade Records


Funeral Circle

Funeral Circle are a doom metal band from Vancouver. They’ve had a few major lineup changes recently, which put them off schedule for recording their debut full length album, but now they’ve gotten back on track and have unleashed a new song upon the world.

The song, “Scion of Infinity”, is brooding, cosmic, and dark. The guitar melodies woven throughout this tune are utterly haunting, like ghosts from ancient past come for your soul. The vocalist (a new addition to the band) sounds great, a little reminiscent of legends such as Pagan Altar and Candlemass. Hopefully more will come soon, as this is one doom band to watch in the future.

12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}

Dread Sovereign

A month ago I wrote about the first song released by doom metal supergroup Dread Sovereign, which features members of Primordial, from their upcoming debut Pray To The Devil In Man. In the time since, the band has courteously made another song from the album available to be heard.

The newest song, “We Wield the Spear of Longinus”, is far slower and more crushing than “Thirteen Clergy To The Flames”. Once again though, the vocals are brilliant; Nemtheanga has the perfect combination of barely restrained insanity and passion, which really suits the music. As the song seems to be wrapping up, it suddenly picks up in tempo, leading into a fantastic solo that reeks of classic Black Sabbath and Pagan Altar. The song ends with Nemtheanga repeating “Submit to the Will of Satan!” with gleefully mad passion.

Dread Sovereign will make their live debut at Roadburn Festival, where their album will also see release via Roadburn Records.

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