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Nate Newton side-project Doomriders mastering new record


If you’ve not come across Doomriders on your travels, you’ve been missing out. A side project of Converge bassist Nate Newton, who plays guitar and sings in the band, they’re one of the finest non-cringeworthy rock n’ roll bands out there, bringing a metal tinge to their sound and pumping out fist-pumping riffs one after another.

Signed to Deathwish Inc., they’ve two albums under their belts, including 2009′s seminal Darkness Come Alive. Check out the title track:

It seems that after a four-year wait, we’re to receive a third album this year. In a message posted on Facebook on Tuesday, the band said:

[quote-symbol symbol1]Hello Friends! Life has been crazy for the 4 of us as of late (especially the past 24 hours, our hearts go out to all victims and loved ones of people involved in yesterday’s tragedy) but we just wanted to give you a quick update. We are currently mastering our new record with Nick Zampiello at New Alliance. We will hopefully have a full announcement with all the info regarding the new album very soon. In the meantime be sure to get your tickets for our show with Boris at the Brighton Music Hall on May 5th. Come and SHOUT IT OUT LOUD WITH US!!!

This is fantastic news. In a world where perhaps only Kvelertak are bringing this kind of legitimacy to a rockier metal sound, a new Doomriders record should put the wind back in the genre’s sails.

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