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Dragged Into Sunlight and Gnaw Their Tongues team up with new track

Dragged into Sunlight Gnaw Their Tongues tour
If there was any time where music could come close to being a physical pestilence, Gnaw Their Tongues - the one-man blackened noise metal project from the twisted creative mind of Mories De Jong - would be in consideration. The sounds that emerge from this project are seemingly beyond anything that could have come from any normal human mind.

And then there’s Dragged Into Sunlight, the hideous, filth-spewing blackened death metal band. Listening to their music is akin to being strapped down on a cold steel table and tormented by demons from your worst nightmares.
So when the news came down that the two aforementioned artists would be offering up a collaboration album this year, I was beside myself with excitement. What kind of violent horror could they brew up? Well, we finally have some sort of answer in the form of a streaming song over at CVLT Nation, titled “Visceral Repulsion” the first look at the album, titled N.V.

An absolute maelstrom of pain and filth, it encapsulates an utterly cold and inhuman atmosphere, racked by dissonant guitars and industrial noises, thunderous drums, and screams that grate on your every sense and leave you feeling as though your mind is being filled with holes. This is almost not music, but a terrifying sonic experience – the screamed vocals are especially impressive and quite varied.

The song structure itself dashes along the edge of madness, cutting itself bloody on the razor edge between entirely out of control, and ‘barely contained hyper-violence’. Even more chilling are the uses of vocal samples. I am not sure if they’re from something or newly spoken just for the song, but the talk of strangling someone in a nonchalant sort of manner is quite eerie. There are other samples in the song that are harder to make out.

N.V will be released unto this mortal realm on November 13th via Prosthetic Records. Pre-orders are available here
There are eight live shows planned for the album. I would highly advice making it out to one of these shows, as it promises to be a mind-bending experience.

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