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Jordan Rudess says new Dream Theater record will be “intense”


Dream Theater are pretty widely considered to be one of the pioneers of progressive metal. They are also my favourite band of all time. Yeah, they have their detractors and flaws, but they do know how to write amazing and immersive songs and albums. Consequently, when keyboardist Jordan Rudess made a few comments regarding the recording process for their upcoming new album, I read then with great interest.

According to Rudess, it has been “really kind of intense in Dream Theater land” and that they are just finishing up. Currently, Rudess has been tracking his keyboard parts. The word “intense” was used again to describe the process.

Rudess went on to comment on working with drummer Mike Mangini, who joined the band in 2010 when founding member Mike Portnoy quit. On him being part of the creative process for the first time, he mentioned that Mangini can offer a perspective that the other members wouldn’t have. Rudess also noted the “rhythmic math brain” that Mangini possesses.

Guitarist John Petrucci also made a few comments on the album, saying that the chemistry has been amazing, and promising that “when people hear the drumming on this album, they’re gonna be pretty freaked out.”

I don’t know about you, but that sounds really promising for the upcoming album! I know anything Dream Theater does will be great, but if Mangini was able to inject new inspiration and ideas into the creative process, it bodes extremely well for the band. 2011’s A Dramatic Turn of Events was an excellent release, though it did lack a bit on the drumming front, which Mangini was not around to write. This time he could have a huge impact on it.

The band hopes for a fall release date for the as-yet untitled album. They are also set to release a live album/DVD in May.

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