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Drewsif Stalin and friends unveil part of the long-awaited album

DSME Drewsif Stalin's Musical Endeavours

Holy hallelujahs; a new DSME song is finally here!

It’s sort of become a bit of an in-joke how long it’s been since the band/project’s last release. Main man Drewsif (AKA Andrew Reynolds) is a very active member of the online metal community – specifically the tech/djent sort of crowd – and so he’s never really off people’s minds (he flew to the UK for the last two UK Tech Fests, and was very welcome), but the last full release, Delusions Of A Greater Future, came out in 2010.

It does seem that things are very very imminent, however, as Drew and co have released a brand new track called “Collapse“. I don’t think we ever doubted it was coming, but it’s nice to see new material realised.

I’m never quite sure who has been involved with DSME, and at what time – bar Drew himself – but it seems that a fairly solid line-up, including vocalist Nikki Simmons, bassist Wayne Courtright, guitarist Danny Zawodny and drummer Randall James, has been settled upon.

Anyway, here’s the tune:

Pleasingly, the track is just over 7 minutes long, but doesn’t outstay its welcome at any point. Sections remind me of defunct one-man British project Returning We Hear The Larks.; massive, meaty rhythms, overlaid with delay-ridden leads. Drewsif’s vocals are really excellent – there are layers of tasty, harmonising vocals – and it’s a fantastic piece across the board. We know that he spends a lot of time on the production side of things (potentially why this album has taken so long), and it really shows.

Most importantly, the song comes with the official announcement of the new album …Comes To An End, which sounds fairly…final. Is it the wait coming to an end? The project, in its current form (Simon has previously suggested getting a ‘proper’ name; something to represent the solidified line-up)? THE UNIVERSE?!

Whichever (or none of), we’re glad to see the album on the horizon, and look forward to it bearing down on us like one of them titans from that there Japanese cartoon.

More tracks, dates and tours when we have them; because they will be happening.