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Drones For Queens Release New EP

Drones For Queens - Whitewash Afterlife
Drones For Queens are a three man band from Philadelphia, fronted by the two Madden brothers who have accrued a lot of experience in many different bands. Evan and Shane Madden were once in Woods Of Ypres and played drums and bass respectively on the 4th Woods album.

Drones For Queens is their new punk rock/grind DIY project which sees them compose hard hitting, hook laden music that takes no prisoners. The trio released the Health EP last year, which was a great little taster of what was to come from the band. After a successful small tour, they’re back with a new 2 track EP released today, entitled Whitewash Afterlife.

Whitewash Afterlife is a striking title that conjures a wealth of images for the listener, especially when combined with the stark and simplistic artwork. The band stick close to their namesake; the guitar tone containing all the angry buzzing that you would associate with the might of a bee colony, augmented by the ferocious bass attack of Bob Stokes and the frantic pounding from Evan’s drumkit. The Madden’s combine their vocal talent, yelling at the top of their lungs over the chaotic, but well composed music. This will leave a stinging impression once the whirlwind tracks rip through you. Special mention goes to the chorus of the second track, “Grievance Collectors” which manages to combine jarring and off kilter melodies to create an enrapturing and memorable experience.

Check this band out and download their latest 2 track EP for pay what you want!

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