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In this day and age, when fun, feel-good music has been reduced to either bland club tunes or tired party thrash, and punk music is AWOL, the Dropkick Murphys are still bringing out riverdancing, whiskey swilling, beer spilling anthems of fantastic Celtic-inspired punk rock, infusing the hard edged sounds of rock with traditional folk instruments such as the bagpipes, accordion, mandolin, tin whistle, and others. The Murphys have always been a favourite of mine, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw that a new song from their upcoming album, Signed and Sealed In Blood, had premiered along with a video.

The song is called ‘Rose Tattoo‘, and although it’s not strictly a new song – they’ve been playing it live for quite some time (in fact, it was in their setlist at Hellfest, which can be viewed in full here) – but it’s still great news that it’s been officially released, and the video is certainly new.

Contrary to my previous appraisal, this song is one of Dropkick Murphys’ more sombre numbers, talking about various tattoos and how they pay tribute to the various milestones, important moments, and people in their lives. It’s a slower song until about the four-minute mark where it picks up into a quicker pace, but still keeps its sombre tone. All the Dropkick Murphys musical trademarks are here, with the Celtic-inspired instrumentation, the heartfelt lyrics, and the ‘working man’ imagery.

The video itself is nothing too fancy; the band are playing cards, drinking and smoking, and singing, interspersed with shots of bassist and singer Ken Casey’s and fans’ tattoos, as well as still shots of the band’s hometown of Boston, family, friends, and fans. It’s a very touching video and the black and white nature of the film makes it feel even more so.

You can watch the video over at Rolling Stone here.

Signed and Sealed in Blood will be the band’s eighth studio albumand is out on January 8th through Born & Bred Records. Preorders for the new album start November 23rd. Currently the Murphys are on tour in the US and have a planned tour of Europe in 2013.