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Returning metalcore dudes Earthtone9 gearing up for new album IV

Earthtone9 - IV

Anyone familiar with Nottingham progressive metalcore act Earthtone9 will know they were gone for quite a long time. They were originally around from 1998 – 2002, before various deals fell through and they decided to go their separate ways. They were pretty well respected, despite their short time together, and for good reason: in a time when nu-metal was still fairly prevalent, they mixed a meaty metalcore sound with smatterings of cleaner material. We all like something a bit different, right?

Well, they’re back now. They’ve technically been back since 2010 – I managed to catch them on a short UK tour in 2011 with The Ocean, Maybeshewill and Humanfly, and whilst they weren’t my favourite thing on the bill, it was great to see a band so revered in the British metal scene. What’s particularly great is that for anyone who missed them the first time, the band are giving away a free 16-track “best of ” album over at their website, as well as a few other tidbits. Definitely worth checking out.

So on to the news at hand, the band have a new song out, entitled “Preacher“. It’s the lead single from the band’s forthcoming album IV, which they are releasing themselves in the not too distant future (April, apparently, although there’s no confirmed date that we’ve seen). To accompany the single there’s this here video:

Whilst not particularly ambitious – it’s a performance video – it seems that the band still have the chops they always used to – they’re just a bit more experienced at it now. Frontman Karl Middleton’s voice is as strong as ever, utilising his cleans for much of the song. Musically it’s fairly standard fare – nothing too ambitious – but then that’s Earthtone9, and what you come to them for isn’t for your ground to be broken – it’s for some unabashed good tunes.

The first two tracks are available over at Earthtone9′s Bandcamp, and you can get them right away if you preorder IV.

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