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Ef unveil a new song from their upcoming album


Every now and again we stumble across a little blast in our inbox at The Monolith. Today, an email caught my attention about a Swedish indie/post rock orchestra outfit called Ef, who we mentioned as part of our shelsmusic 10th Anniversary Feature a couple of months ago. While it’s not the most functional or clever band name in the industry, Ef have now been around for ten years and are celebrating this decade long period by released a new album called Ceremonies. We won’t see it for a while though as it’s currently set for a September release date, but to whet our appetites they’ve started streaming the first new song from the album, entitled “Bells, Bleed & Bloom“. For those of you looking for blistering heavy metal, you won’t find that here, instead EF are quite pop-ish in nature, but deliver their emotional brand of music with delicate aplomb.

Bells, Bleed & Bloom” is an intricate and explorative adventure of the soul, packed full of vocals, strings and horns which coalesce into an effective post rock piece. Ef display a lot of finesse and nuance in their songwriting that is deftly balanced with a fierce eagerness to express themselves as completely as possible. Their utilization of the orchestral elements is of particular note, lending them a very powerful and distinctive flavour.

Bells, Bleed & Bloom” is a natural progression from their earlier material and is a very pleasant and relaxing listening experience. This is definitely the type of song that is very easy to get lost within and it will tug on your heartstrings with manipulative precision. The Soundcloud stream has this version of “Bells, Bleed & Bloom” listed as a radio edit of the song, so perhaps the final version is a lot longer? It would be interesting to hear the full song, as right now the track seems very tight and I’m not sure if it would benefit by being much longer. Regardless, if Ceremonies manages to maintain this level of quality across its entire duration then EF will have something very special this year for post rock fans.

Check out “Bells, Bleed & Bloom” on Ef’s Soundcloud page and be sure to come back and tell us what you think!

Here’s an older track of theirs from their previous EP Delusions Of Grandeur

Ceremonies will be released in September 2013.

Is this your type of music? Are these guys fresh in the genre of post-rock or just another pretender?

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