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Enforcer release new video for second From Beyond track

Enforcer - From Beyond album art

Swedish speed metal throwback warriors Enforcer are, in my opinion, one of the best forces in the trad metal revival scene today. Their debut album Into The Night rocked hard, and follow up to that Diamonds took a fantastic melodic turn. But it was their third album, Death By Fire, that truly solidified their place in the metal pantheon: a fiery, unrelenting ride of pure 80s heavy metal riffing and scorching leads, it was also characterised by whiplash-inducing tempo shifts in the middle of songs, giving their music a roller coaster feel that many heavy metal bands fail to capture.

And somehow, I missed the fact that they had released tracks from their upcoming fourth album From Beyond already.The most recent is a music video for “Destroyer“:

The new song is a display of that rip roarin’, white-hot, speed demon side of the band that was the highlight of Death By Fire. The music video is a great throwback to the performance videos that were the law back in the 80s, which only adds to Enforcer’s mystique as a trad band. Some might call it cheesy – and they’d be right – but that’s exactly why it’s awesome. They spend the first bit of the song revving up their guitars and drums with some fills before ramming a blistering heavy metal tune down our collective throats. The chorus is one that will go over great live, and those guitar solos are fantastic.

The first song they released, on February 14th, is called “Undying Evil” and is yet another kickass anthemic rocker from the band who are pretty much veterans at this by now. Have a listen, in case you missed it to:

Their melodic chops grow with every album and this song follows a bit more in the Diamonds vein; it’s a bit more about the groove and melody than the spitfire machinegun guitars. And it works really well. Vocalist Olof Wikstrand has improved with each album, and now sounds in complete control of his admirable range and power. The fact that he is doing this while playing guitars at the same time is quite impressive. The song gets even more interesting in the middle with Olof and co-guitarist Joseph Thol trading off on riffs and then on solos, before going back for a final, triumphant, catchy-as-hell chorus about a vampire.

Good god this band is so much fun.

From Beyond will be released on February 27th via Nuclear Blast Records.

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