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Listen to Envy’s first new song since 2010!

Envy 2014

Of all the bands I first followed when I got into heavy music, Envy are the most mysterious. The Japanese five-piece have put out a fair few records across their two decades in the business – 5 albums, 5 EPs and a plethora of splits, 7″ and singles – but since dropping their distinctly less hardcore and overwhelmingly more melancholy last album Insomniac Doze in 2010, they’ve been so very quiet.

From an English language persepctive, this is likely due to the difficulty of translating what press they do put out, which is mostly promoted in Japan. We kind of forget that they’re there, still working away – but 5 years is still a long time, and so the recent news that they have a new album on the horizon was incredibly exciting and very, very welcome.

Titled Atheist’s Cornea, a song called “Shining Finger” was apparently debuted on Japanese radio station Inter FM – but it hasn’t made its way out of the country as yet, so we had no auditory reference on the album – until now.

Noisey have premiered a different track called “Blue Moonlight“, and it goes a little something like this:

Don’t let the serene intro fool you – this is Envy back to their building-levelling best. There’s groove and majesty in the overdriven guitars lines, and Dairoku Seki’s drums keep an absolutely furious pace; cymbals crashing around all over the place. Tetsuya Fukagawa sounds as desperate as ever, emoting with ease through his empassioned screams – even though we have less than no idea what he’s actually saying.

The album’s full lineup/tracklist looks like this:

Atheist's Cornea album art01. Blue Moonlight
02. Ignorant Rain at the End of the World
03. Shining Finger
04. Ticking Time and String
05. Footsteps in the Distance
06. An Insignificant Poem
07. Two Isolated Souls
08. Your Heart and My Hand


Just today, another new song has become available. This one’s track two, ”Ignorant Rain At The End of the World”, meaning we have the opening salvo of the record. Here it is:

Atheist’s Cornea comes out July 10th in North America via Temporary Residence. There’s some conflict on other territories, but Japan seems to be getting it May 13th via Sonzai Records, whilst Europe will get it at some point via Rock Action Records.

I’m not sure how many Japanese people read this site, but just in case, here’s a bunch of dates they’ll be playing in May and June:

15th May @ Pangea, Osaka
16th May @ Club Upset, Nagoya
17th May @ Liquidroom, Tokyo
23rd May @ Park Square, Sendai w/ Spike Shoes
24th May @ Club Sonic Iwaki, Iwaki w/ To Overflow Evidence
02nd Jun @ Unit, Tokyo w/ This Will Destroy You
06th Jun @ Klub Counter Action, Sapporo w/ SlangCutbackClapstain
07th Jun @ Mosquito, Asahikawa w/ Takako Tate
12th Jun @ Orange Box, Nagasaki w/ Wretched Fall InWeakend Heroes
13th Jun @ Quieblick, Fukuoka w/ Collection of Weaklings
14th Jun @ Caparvo Hall, Kagoshima w/ Life StyleThe New Coast

19th Jun @ Hellfest, Clisson, FRANCE

27th Jun @ Output, Okinawa w/ Toe