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Listen to the all-bass debut from Extinction Level Event

Extinction Level Event - The Catalyst album art

It’s really hard for new bands to get noticed these days. More then ever, assholes the world over think they’ve got the stones to go toe-to-toe with the world, and more importantly the ability to do so. What’s more, they’re fairly often quite right; the tools to do so are more prevalent than ever, and promotion doesn’t rely on getting signed, radio play, or indeed, anything beyond having an email account and a few social media pages.

One thing that helps more than anything is having a USP – or a gimmick, if we’re being particularly shrewed – and that’s something that, for better or worse, North Carolinians Extinction Level Event have definitely landed upon.

You see, ELE utilise bass guitars exclusively (plus drums and vocals) – they’re “All About That Bass“, as it were. Stylistically, it’s a fairly easy sell to throw them in with the Meshuggah crowd, but they’re adamantly rejecting the djent label in favour of their own: ‘clank’. In fairness, that’s fairly accurate, and merits them at least a glance, if Meshuggah are at all your thing…

..which segues nicely into the news that they have, earlier this week, released their debut EP The Catalyst, which you can stream in full below:

The Catalyst officially came out May 5th, and can be picked up via Bandcamp! The guys have a few shows lined up for the coming months, which will take place on these dates with these other bands:

May 15 @ GroundZero, Spartanburg, SC w/ Sovereign, Invoking The Abstract, Lions For Lambs, Behind the Sun, The BlackLeaf
May 30 @ Lincoln Theatre, Raleigh, NC w/ Binary Code, Valleys, Killing The Catalyst, æonic
Jun 24 @ Ziggy’s, Winston Salem, NC w/ From Another Planet, Butcher Of Rostov, Labyrinthe, Sentenced To A Bullet
Jul 11 @ Greene Street Club, Greensboro, NC w/ Blessed By The Broken