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Bostonian rock band Junius put new EP Days Of The Fallen Sun up for streaming in full

Junius - Days Of The Fallen Sun album art

Now ten years old, Bostonian rock megaliths Junius have been extremely prolific in their time. With eight releases already to their name, and a good smattering of EPs, splits and albums, it feels like they’re always up to something – but their last was actually 2011′s Reports From The Threshold Of Death. Felt more recent than that, but hey, what do I know?

They come into 2014 with a new EP called Days Of The Fallen Sun., which is out next week. In anticipation, they’ve put of a stream of the entire thing, which you can listen to below:

It’s probably worth noting that a couple of the tracks - “The Time Of Perfect Virtue“ and “A Day Dark With Night“ – were released a few years ago on the band’s respective splits with Juarez and Rosetta, but they’re fine tracks to trot out again. The EP is also supposed to serve as a musical precursor to The Martyrdom Of A Catastrophist, but I’m not familiar enough with them to tell you how, so I’ll leave that to the more knowledgable fans to decipher.

Junius have often been as much ‘art’ as they are ‘rock’, and that’s certainly in effect here; there’s a lot of gaze elements here, which seem to be quite popular of late (looking at Deafheaven‘s Sunbather and Alcest‘s Shelter in particular), so the time is certainly good to be releasing something like this. That said, there are some really heavy snatches here and there, and the whole thing just has a great vibe to it.

Days of The Fallen Sun officially drops on February 18th via Prosthetic Records. You can pre-order here, including a 12″ vinyl edition with an extra two remix tracks from Living Phantoms and Zack Martin.