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shelsmusic’s latest signing Erlen Meyer have a new video

Erlen Meyer 2013

Hopefully you will remember when we introduced you guys to Limoges sludge quintet Erlen Meyer not long ago when they were signed to one of our favourite shelsmusic (check out the big feature we did on them too!). Mightily impressed with their debut track “Nuit” were we, so it was great to see the train rumble on with a video for the track “Agatha” premiering yesterday over at Metal Injection.

Agatha” is the third track of their forthcoming self-titled debut, and follows on directly from “Nuit“. It’s even longer, at over eight minutes – so far, so sludge – and has a pretty interesting story behind it, to do with a writer and their lack of inspiration – specifically, it’s a roundabout tribute to British crime writer Agatha Christie:

[quote-symbol symbol1]Agatha is about a writer facing a lack of inspiration. Time plays an important part because the protagonist has to hand over her novel to her editor, in good time. There is no beginning and no end, pictures illustrate what she feels.

Also interesting is their take on the video:

[quote-symbol symbol1]Images drown the audience in our musical atmosphere. The video was made in macro in order to reinforce the immersion. This project is an additional door to welcome you into our musical world and it appeals to another sense other than ears. We hope people will be captivated and want to carry on the experience in front of the stage.

Described as “a cross between a dark thriller and a horror film”, the album drops on May 20th through shelsmusic. It’s going to sound pretty massive, and promises to be pretty bleak. That said, things are bright for the band, with a UK tour with labelmates Latitudes and Manatees reportedly in the works, about which I am very excited. Make sure to keep up to date with them on Facebook!

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