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Essence Release New Lyric Video


Essence are a Danish thrash metal band that have recently released their new album, titled Last Night Of Solace. A few days ago they debuted a new lyric video for the track “Fractured Dimension“. As many of you know, lyric videos are an incredibly common and novel way for a band to avoid racking up large costs through a professional music video, something that many bands simply cannot afford in this industry. What’s more, if you make a lo-fi and bad music video it can often reflect negatively on your band and diminish the power of your music so a well animated lyric video is often the safer option, avoiding offending fan sensibilities as well as the band’s limited resources.

The lyric video for “Fractured Dimension” is a little different from most, opting to feature a blurred out version of the album art in the background, with the actual lyrical content somewhat bizarrely only featured in small print along the bottom. Occasionally, usually during the chorus the words take centre stage, but mostly they sit along the bottom, in small, not entirely clean to read font with a spotlight shining over them in sync with the words. While this is a good idea for a film with sing along sections it’s an odd artistic choice when there’s very little else occurring in the frame. Clearly what was missing was some form of bouncing skull, like a fucked up version of the bouncing Mickey Mouse head in Disney musicals.

Ironically enough, Essence have failed to capture the essence of what a lyric video is supposed to do, and while it may seem like a strange thing to claim (admittedly there are no strict rules for such a flexible form of communication); the video is only most effective during the few musical breaks, where the animation flourishes and comes to life. The animation that accompanies the guitar solo is of particular note, highlighting the shortcomings of the rest of the video like a rabbit caught in headlights.

Musically, the song is a solid slab of thrash, with the aforemention instrumental breaks being of particular highlight. If you’re a fan of thrash metal I can see Essence delivering a strong piece of genre work. Just a shame about the video.

Last Night Of Solace was released on March 29th via Noiseart Records!

What do you guys think? Is the video fine? What do you think should be in a lyric video? Is this a good example of what you want from your thrash metal? Sound off in the comments!

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