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Euroblast 2015 adds 10 more reasons to keep your first weekend in October free

Euroblast 2015 2nd announcement

Euroblast don’t hang about, do they? They want your dollar, and more importantly your presence, and they’re going to do everything they can to entice you to Cologne this October.

And if past precedence as one of the continent’s finest progressive metal festivals isn’t enough, then the ten bands added to the already meaty lineup today will hopefully give you further pause for thought.

Add to an already bursting lineup, including Between The Buried And Me, Leprous, Haken, Devil Sold His Soul and Destrage, we have some lesser-known, but awesome acts to salivate over.

The pick for me are Danish quartet VOLA, who released their new album Inmazes last month. We’ve a proper review in the works, but suffice to say it’s a bit special, and so are they. Like a melodic Meshuggah, they combine massive, cutting digital  rhythms with beautiful, organic melodies, and a vocalist with some serious talent.

Parisian quintet Kadinja should be somewhat familiar to members of the scene, and have appeared at both Euroblast and its British cousin UK Tech Fest in the past.

There’s a strong native contingent added, with post-punk trio The Hirsch Effekt, hardcore/djent dudes Lights of Utopia and local veteran hardcore band Koroded also added.

From elsewhere in Europe we have Czechs Modern Day BabylonBeyond The Dust and Pryapisme from France, and Atmospheres from Belgium.

And rounding off the update, and travelling from the furthest of pretty much anyone at the festival, are Kiwis Heavy Metal Ninjas, who were also recently announced for Tech Fest.

Most of these I don’t currently have a frame of reference for, but you can bet to buggery that the Euroblast team know what they’re doing, so trust in them and go buy your ticket from here.

Euroblast 2015 will take place the first weekend of October, which this year is from 1st to 3rd.